How to redeem your UC voucher code in PUBG Mobile?
Follow the steps below and the Unknown Cash (UC) will be added to your account in seconds.

Click here to redeem your PUBG UC voucher.
Input your Player ID.
Input the code you purchased from us
Once completed, Unknown Cash (UC) is automatically added to your PUBG Mobile account.

How to get Elite Pass & Elite Pass Plus for PUBG Mobile?
Simply follow the steps below and you will recveive your upgraded Royale Pass in seconds.

Purchase a 660 UC voucher amount if you wish to purchase an Elite pass or 1800 UC to for an Elite Plus Pass.
Follow the redemption instructions as per above
Login to the PUBG Mobile app and tap the “Upgrade Pass” button on the Royale Pass page.
Congratulations! You can now enjoy the benefits of Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus in PUBG Mobile.

Original price was: EGP2750.00.Current price is: EGP2612.50.

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